Our mission is to promote fair and ethical practices for debt recovery, considered worldwide as successful.

Our Goals

The Receivables Management Association is designed to work for the consumers and for the business. Our goal is to raise the financial culture of the Bulgarian citizens and to provide information about the current levels of indebtedness in the country and the respective consequences.

Our duty is to work on the development of a legal framework - handling the issues of collection management and consumer indebtedness, which shall ensure a fair settlement of the relationships between creditors and their clients.

The fight against unfair practices is enshrined in our Code of Conduct. Because of that we fight for professional and fair decisions for the industry and for consumers.
We are the first point of contact on all legal and professional matters related to debt management: for our member companies, for the business, for the authorities and for the media.

Our world and our lifes are changing every day. Our main task is to help consumers and the economy to face those changes being prepared in the best possible way.

Members of the Receivables Management Association