The Receivables Management Association is the only professional association in Bulgaria that unites the professionally run Debt Collection Companies and Acquirers of NPLs. The non-profit organization was founded to maintain the dialogue between companies in this industry and protect their interests in politics, business and society.

From its very beginning the Association has worked hard to enforce fair and ethical practices in debt collection. The membership in the Association is a quality symbol. It guarantees fair service and is a hallmark of a long-term vision to enhance the financial culture of the business and its consumers.

The Association assists its members to manage their business transparently, efficiently and in accordance with the ethical norms of the collection industry. The Association monitors the local and international news flow in order to keep its members informed and apply good practices in the industry.

An important focus is placed on the exchange of know-how with branch associations from other countries as well as with the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA). The Receivables Management Association closely observes the legal framework and provides its members with timely information on the forthcoming changes in the regulation of the Debt Collection business and gives them the opportunity to participate in our joint efforts to be part of this process.

Membership in the Receivables Management Association is divided into two types - full and associated. Full members participate in all processes and decisions related to the activities of the Association. The associates are part of the Association’s projects, but do not have voting rights in the General Assembly.


Members of the Receivables Management Association