The Agency for Control of Outstanding Debts (ACOD) was established in 2013. It operates in the field of buying out and managing  portfolios of nonperforming loans.

The company is registered as a non-banking financial institution with the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).

ACOD has recently reinforced its positions as a reliable partner of financial institutions, utility companies and other legal entities, offering high quality, fast and adequate solutions in overdue debt recovery. ACOD's good communication practices have won the respect of all the clients the company communicates with on a daily basis.

High ethical standards of the employees in their everyday work with clients position the company as one of the top businesses operating in the debt collection industry.

ACOD has an individual approach towards every client, taking into account the specifics of the debts in each particular package. The main methods we use when contacting our clients include:

  • Phone calls;
  • Information letters;
  • Reminder invitations;
  • Text messages;
  • Emails.

ACOD acquires nonperforming loan portfolios from various industries. The company's clients include many big businesses operating in various markets.

ACOD is part of the Management Financial Group (MFG) comprising leading companies specializing in the field of non-banking services in Central and Eastern Europe. It manages a rich portfolio of successful endeavors in consumer lending, micro and small business financing, digital lending and other financial business models. MFG's group of companies employs over 7,700 employees and associates working in more than 450 offices across Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Macedonia

  • 29 "Panayot Volov" str., floor 3, 1527 Sofia
  • 0700 200 27; +359 2 444 10 10
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