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2. In interpreting and applying these Terms and conditions of use, the names and expressions used below will have the following meanings:

Website is a distinct place on the global Internet network at www.rma.bg, accessible via its HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol, containing files, programs, text, sound, pictures, images or other materials, and Resources.

User is any individual accessing and using the Website and the services provided by the Receivables Management Association through the Website.

Malicious actions are actions or omissions that violate the normal functioning of the Website, send spam, junk mails, floods, gain unauthorized access to resources with using rights and passwords, belonging to other person/s. Use of failures in the systems, for own benefit or obtaining information (HACK), Carrying out actions that may be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, or causing virus installation, or remote control systems, interfering with the normal work of other users of the Website, Carrying out any actions that may qualify as a crime or an administrative violation under Bulgarian law or the law of another country.

3. Personal information

Personal information (personal data) that you submit and / or send to our Website via e-mail or otherwise will be used by the Receivables Management Association in accordance with the terms and conditions of The Personal Data Protection Act. Any other communication or material you submit to the Website, such as questions, comments, suggestions, and the like, will be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary.

Through your Website, Receivables Management Association will collect, process and store sole and only personal information (e.g., name, address, telephone number or e-mail address) that you have provided voluntarily. If you do not wish your personal data to be collected, please do not provide it.

The Receivables Management Association will use the personal information you provide only in order to better understand your needs and wishes, and accordingly, to improve our services; to be able to contact you (or any other third party on our behalf), in order to provide information you have requested or to answer any questions you may have. The Receivables Management Association is allowed to provide to a third party only summarized - but not personal or individual - information about the visitors or users of our Website.

In some cases, the Receivables Management Association can automatically (i.e. not through registration) collect technical information when you connect to our Website, which is not personal information (e.g., information about the type of operating system and the type of Internet browser you use, the domain name of the website from which you link to our Website, etc.).

4. Contents Ownership/Authorship

The contents of the Website, including but not limited to all texts and all images ("Contents"), are copyrighted. All rights, even those not expressly mentioned here, are reserved. The use of any Contents, other than that which is not in breach of these Terms and conditions of use, without a written permission by the Receivables Management Association, is explicitly forbidden.

5. (Usage) Convention

Receivables Management Association allows you to use the Website as follows:

You may browse the Website and print extracts from the Contents solely for non-commercial, personal purposes, and provided that you retain all the inscriptions on the Contents related to some copyright or other proprietary rights;

You may not use images of people or places without the explicit written permission by the Receivables Management Association;

Copying, broadcasting, distributing, storing or otherwise making use of part or all of the Contents in any form, without the explicit written permission by the Receivables Management Association, is prohibited;

It is forbidden to use the Website to send or transmit any materials that are unlawful, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, mistreating, defamatory, slanderous, vulgar, indecent, scandalous, provocative, pornographic or religiously incorrect, or any material, which establish or encourage behaviour that would be considered a criminal offense, would result in civil or criminal liability or would otherwise violate the law.

The Receivables Management Association has the right to discontinue your access to the Website in the event of a notification of a violation on the Site, or when a User violates these Terms and conditions, including through actions that can be defined as Malicious Actions.

If you wish to use part or all of the Contents of our Website, please contact us for information about the terms and conditions of Receivables Management Association by using the contact form in the Contacts section.

6. Disclaimer

The Receivables Management Association aims keeping up-to-date information from sources it believes are reliable, but does not guarantee that they are accurate, that the page is free of error, and that the access to it is not interruptible.

The Receivables Management Association does not endorse and is not responsible for the information on hyperlinked websites, as well as for the products, services, etc. offered on those same websites.

The Receivables Management Association does not review the content of materials provided by users of the Website, and is not responsible for such content. Receivables Management Association may, at its discretion and at any time, remove any material sent by a user.

Receivables Management Association is not responsible for the quality and condition of Internet connections, as well as for the reliability of the devices that provide them between your computer and the server on which the Website is hosted.

Receivables Management Association is not responsible for any loss, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, as well as lost profits, arising from or related to your access to and use of the Website.

7. Useful Links

The website may contain links to websites that are owned or operated by third parties, not by the Receivables Management Association. These links are provided for your convenience only. Receivables Management Association has no control and responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or security of these sites.

8. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

Receivables Management Association reserves their rights to modify the structure and the Contents of the Website and to terminate access to it at any time without prior notice.

It is your responsibility to visit this page periodically in order to become familiar with the updated Terms and conditions of use, because they are binding on you.

9. Applicable Law

For all issues not settled in these terms and conditions, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force are applicable.

All disputes relating to these Terms and conditions, which the parties have failed to resolve by negotiation and by mutual agreement, shall be addressed to the competent Bulgarian courts.

10. The current terms and conditions enter into force on 21.07.2017