Collect Center Ltd. was established in 2019 with a focus on judicial and extrajudicial debt collection. The team includes employees with many years of experience in major international banks and non-banking institutions. The company offers a full range of services related to the collection of overdue debts - out of court (by phone, SMS, letters, on-site visits) and in court, without restrictions whether they are obligations of individuals or legal entities, as well as no limit on the amount. As ancillary activities it provides advice on the purchase and sale of receivables (both to the buyer and the seller) and mediation in real estate transactions.

Collect Center Ltd. fully follows the established good practices and the available legal framework, offering uncompromising quality in the processing of assigned obligations.

Through its partners Collect Center Ltd. can provide its services in the EU.

  • 4A "Filip Kutev" str., floor 2, office 1, 1407 Sofia
  • +359 875 300 778; +359 875 300 777
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