OTP Group conducts its business operation in seven countries within Europe with central leadership from Hungary. The main business area of the group for the last almost 20 years has been the financial services.

In Bulgaria the Group is represented since 2010 by OTP Factoring Bulgaria EAD (OFB), which rapidly became a leading debt collection company on the domestic market, dealing with the purchase and realization of receivables..

The Company offers a professional collection process, automated collection system, developed IT background, nationwide network, more than 120 highly qualified and committed employees for its current and future partners.

Having 10 branches located at the most important geographical and economical regional centers in Bulgaria, OFB ensures the close relation and direct support to its customers.

We aim to make our customers realize their responsibility, and to define financial solutions based on regular payment, but in a creative, tailor-made and efficient way.

  • 15 "Vitosha" Blvd. floor Mecanin, Sofia
  • +359 2 94 88 111; +359 2 94 88 107
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