EOS Services is the successor to the expertise and technology in the field of debt collection, developed on the Bulgarian market for more than a decade by EOS Matrix. EOS Services is fully focused on debt collection and offers flexible solutions at every stage of the debt management process.

The company is guided by the established international standards in the field of receivables management and the understanding that its purpose is not only to collect the due amounts, but also to preserve the good image of the organization it represents. EOS Services specializes in the provision of services to leading Bulgarian banking and other financial institutions, telecom and utility companies as well as to a number of commercial companies.    

Thanks to its network of carefully selected international partners, EOS Services offers high-quality international collection services in more than 180 countries worldwide.

  • 6 Racho Petkov Kazandzhiyata Str., fl. 6
  • +359 2 976 0800
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  • bg.eos-solutions.com