Capman Debts Management AD is the newest company within Capman Holding Group – a leading nonbanking financial institution present on the Bulgarian capital market for the last 25 years. Capman Debts, established on 13.04.2020 г., is public company with equity structure dominantly represented by institutional investors - 75%, and remaining equity is provided by reputable legal entities.

Capman Debts activity is acquisition of loans, or other form of financing, receivables, factoring, cession, collection of bank and intercompany loans, credit intermediary, acquisition of holdings in credit institutions or other form of financial institution.

Capman Debts‘ team expertise is aiming and has the ability to provide value added, to both - creditors and debtors. Banks will benefit through having a tool to manage NPL portfolio, while businesses will take advantage through means for sustainable restructuring and stabilizing of business activity.

Our interest is acquisition of overdue collateralized company receivables, including such classified as NPL, from commercial banks and/or leasing companies, aiming sustainable business restructuring without necessarily sale of assets/collateral.

  • 6 "Tri Ushi" str., floor 6, 1301 Sofia
  • +359 899 869 819
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