The President of the Association of the Collection Agencies in Bulgaria and Managing Director of EOS in Bulgaria Rayna Mitkova has been elected as a board member of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA).

About Receivables Management Association

Receivables Management Association is a non-profit professional organization, whose mission is to spread and support the establishment of good practices in the receivables management industry in Bulgaria.

The increase of the financial culture of the Bulgarians is among the main goals of the Association. Its members strive to inform consumers about their rights and obligations in case of delayed payments and try to provide clear answers to questions and complaints received by the collection agencies.

The Association guarantees a fair settlement of relations between creditors and their clients. Therefore among its main commitments is a clear distinction between ethical, moral and legal standards for carrying out debt collection activities. There are strict criteria for joining the Association, which ensure that its members comply with legal requirements and apply good practices in accordance with the Code of Ethics. This turns the Receivables Management Association and its members into a symbol of quality service and justice.

Members of the Receivables Management Association